About me

I’m currently a final-year CS Ph.D. student at the University of Kansas, advised by Prof. Bo Luo and Prof. Fengjun Li. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Math from Wuhan University in 2019. My research interests are within the broad areas of Cybersecurity and AI, including adversarial and privacy-preserving machine learning, AI SAFE (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Explainability), AI for Cybersecurity, and so on.


  • Jun 2024. Our paper “The Adversarial AI-Art: Understanding, Generation, Detection, and Benchmarking” has been accepted to ESORICS 2024. Congrats to Yuying!
  • May 2024. Our CCS artifact (Zenodo) of “On the Detectability of ChatGPT Content” is granted Artifacts Available, Artifacts Evaluated, and Results Reproduced Badges. Thanks to our Reviewers!
  • May 2024. Our paper “The Invisible Polyjuice Potion: an Effective Physical Adversarial Attack against Face Recognition” has been accepted to ACM CCS 2024. Congrats to Ye!
  • Apr 2024. Our paper “On the Detectability of ChatGPT Content: Benchmarking, Methodology, and Evaluation through the Lens of Academic Writing” has been accepted to ACM CCS 2024.
  • Mar 2024. Our paper “PrivDNN: A Secure Multi-Party Computation Framework for Deep Learning using Partial DNN Encryption” has been accepted to PETS 2024. Congrats to Liangqin!
  • Sep 2023. Our paper “Certificate Transparency Revisited: The Public Inspections on Third-party Monitors” has been accepted to NDSS 2024. Congrats to Aozhuo!
  • June 2023. Our preprint “Check Me If You Can: Detecting ChatGPT-Generated Academic Writing using CheckGPT” is available. [Github][Huggingface]
  • Apr 2023. I will join Visa Inc. this summer as a PhD Research Scientist Intern working on AI and Cybersecurity.
  • Aug 2022. Our paper “LoneNeuron: a Highly-effective Feature-domain Neural Trojan using Invisible and Polymorphic Watermark” has been accepted to ACM CCS 2022.
  • July 2022. Our paper “Hide and Seek: on the Stealthiness of Attacks against Deep Learning Systems” has been accepted to ESORICS 2022.